Avengers: Rana Dubs For Thanos


Avengers : Rana Dubs for Thanos

”Bhayapadina.. paaripoyinaa mee antham sameepinchindi,’ says Rana. Another superheroes action movie ‘Avengers: Infinitiary’ from Hollywood’s leading production company Marvel Studios. All the superheroes are getting together and the film is getting ready for release on April 27 as a summer gift. Daggubati Rana Dubbing in Telugu for villain character Thanos in this movie.

Avengers series is very special because many superheroes come together to fight a common enemy.  ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is the latest installment in this series.  

Rana said on this occasion .. ‘All the villains in the world coming after me after doing Bhallaladeva character in Bahubali. I read about Thanos in ‘Avengers’ comics story in my childhood. I have seen in Marvel films too. I was very excited when I was asked for giving voice to ‘Avengers: Infinitiary’. Three months ago I saw the movie ‘Black Panther’. Earlier ‘Doctor Strange’, and Iron Man, Captain America ‘Captain America Civilian’. I like every movie. I am delighted to say dubbing for this movie .. I came from Thailand by giving break to shooting and gave dubbing for the movie in 14 hours. I hope you like it all. “

Recently released trailers have increased expectations on the film. The super heroes will face Thanos as the main point of the film. Marvel Studios is the story of a huge budget in history. In the last decade Marvell has built up almost 17 superheroes.

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