‘PHOTOSHOPPED’ Ajith Images to Sell their Magazines!


‘PHOTOSHOPPED’ Ajith Images to Sell their Magazines!

All the fans of Ajith are eagerly waiting for the latest updates from the team for the new look. The Tamil Nadu weekly Magazine Vikatan has recently released the New look of Ajith. But sadly, the magazine is the most criticized magazine in Tamil Nadu. So all the fans are confused that its true are just a gimmicks to sell the Magazine. 

Ajith’s movie Aegan still was reused and the head was cropped and fixed in some other’s body and had taken a good that the image doesn’t look like Photoshopped and they gave retouches to the mustache and the beard. 

Fans who are over excited couldn’t see the bigger picture. Director Siva and ‘Thala’ Ajith are working relentlessly to give a solid commercial product and we have to wait at least a few more months to get some official updates. Kindly refrain from Photoshopped fake updates until then.



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