Teaser Talk: Paperboy’s Cute Love story


Teaser Talk: Paperboy’s Cute Love story

The teaser of ‘Paper Boy’ was released today that is on 21-07-2018. This movie was starred by Santos Shoban, Riya Suman and Tanya Hope in the roles. This teaser starts off on a simple note of introducing protagonist’s role. 
Hero Santosh Shoban and actress Riya Suman looks like a fresh pair and the teaser was presented in neat and clean manner. The biggest asset of the teaser is its cinematography. The visuals are lavish and colourful. Soundar Rajan did an extraordinary job. 
Hero Santosh delivers a practical dialogue when she questions why he is working as a ‘Paper Boy’ despite graduating in engineering. “Adi Bathakadam Kosam…Idi Bhavishyathu Kosam.”

Director Sampath Nandi is producing ‘Paper Boy’ under Sampath Nandi Team Works banner while Jaya Shankarr is directing the movie. Music is by Bheems. 


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