Trailer Talk: GopiChand Moves To A Perfect Track


Trailer Talk: GopiChand Moves To A Perfect Track

Mass Hero GopiChand is now coming with the new movie which is titled as ‘Pantham’. And which is directed by the newcomer Chakravathy. When the movie are announced, everyone felt that the movie is going to be very routine as all the other movies. But it looks like out hero made the real difference in the movie. 

In this movie there is a mixing of subject and also loaded a lots of commerical elements in the likes of Shankar, the new director has surely done a fantastic job if the trailer is anything to go by. Expecially the way GopiChand is introduced as a  rich brat, then turning into another massy guy, dealing with some societal subject, fighting in court for common man, the trailer made an impact in the audience. 

The movie heroine Mehrene failed to impress with her acting prowess, but the whole trailer looked engaging and one could say that the film will be surely on the same track. Gopi Sandar’s music and Prasad Murella’s cinmatography added a new dimension altogether to the movie. 

The only thing that is lingering in the minds is whether “Pantham” is another version of Rajnikanth and Shankar’s Sivaji. A rich brat losing everything while helping people and then fighting back in a Robinhood style is the same concept that could be felt in these two films. Hope the director makes an impact with his screenplay. But for now, Gopi is on the right track. 


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