Will lady superstar accept glamour?


Will lady superstar accept glamour?

Lady Super Nayanthara had started off her career with homely roles in the movies likes Chandramukhi and Ayya. Later she had shifted her self to hlamorous roles with the movie Sathyam and her ultra bikini act in the Billa in which Thala Ajith had played the lead role. 
After more hot and spicy acts in movies like Villu, Aegan, Vallavan, Kuselan and many more telugu movies, after her heartbreak love story with Prabhu Deva. The actress had made a re-entry to the film industry with Raja Rani movie right from the movie she had avoided glamorous roles. Infact she’s been doing roles that give more scope for her or female-centric soo heroine flicks like Aramm, Maya, Dora etc and her upcoming movies like Imaikka nodigal, Kolamaavu Kokila aka coco.etc. 

However one of her long delayed movie, Aaradugula bullet costarring Gopichand is awaiting release and the movie is set to be released soon. As Nayanthara has acted in a sexy way in this movie, Nayan feels that this movie releasing now might impact her homely image and has even been caught in a confusion as to shoot for a pending sizzling song in  the movie. Let’s see if Nayan returns to glamour with this movie.


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